The following are all of Dan and Amy Cahill's alliances.


Beware of Spoilers!

The Maze of Bones

Alistair - to get Poor Richard's Almanack, but he double-crossed them and succeeded while they failed.

Jonah - Offered alliance; denied.

The Holts - To fight off thugs: succeeded.

Alistair Oh - to stop Ian Kabra and Natalie: partially succeeded.

One False Note

Irina Spasky - just an exchange; Irina double-crossed the Cahills, but events worked out.

The Sword Thief

Alistair Oh - to find the Clue, and for protection and shelter: succeeded.

Ian Kabra and Natalie - to find the Clue, but betrayed Dan and Amy at the end of the book: they tricked Ian and Natalie to go to Kyrgyzstan. Amy and Dan succeeded.

Beyond the Grave

Theo Cotter - to uncover the past and to help get them into the tombs: succeeded.

Alistair Oh - to find Isis's temple: succeeded.

The Black Circle

The Holts - to find the Clue: succeeded.

NRR - to find the Black Circle: succeeded.

In Too Deep

Irina Spasky - to stop Isabel Kabra (just Amy): failed.

Isabel Kabra and Ian Kabra - Offered alliance (just Amy): denied.

Hamilton Holt - to save Amy: succeeded

Alistair Oh - to decipher a poem: succeeded

Alistair - to escape the island: succeeded.

Irina Spasky - to save Amy, Dan, and Alistair: Amy, Dan, and Alistair escaped but Irina died.

The Viper's Nest

Alistair - Offered alliance: denied.

Isabel - Offered alliance: denied.

The Emperor's Code

Jonah Wizard - to find the Clue (just Dan): Jonah failed, Dan succeeded.

Alistair Oh - to find Dan (just Amy): he failed, she succeeded.

Storm Warning

Hamilton Holt - to climb a pole: succeeded.

Lester Dixon - to get the box that contained Madeleine Cahill's poem and a clue: he died, but they succeeded.

Fiske Cahill - to uncover the Madrigals' past: succeeded.

Into the Gauntlet

Hamilton Holt and Eisenhower Holt - to climb up the cliff (just Dan): succeeded.

Hamilton Holt, Natalie Kabra, Ian Kabra, Jonah Wizard, Sinead Starling and Alistair Oh - to get through the gauntlet: succeeded.

Natalie Kabra, Ian Kabra, Hamilton Holt - to get torches for everybody: succeeded.

Cahills vs. Vepsers

  • Hamilton Holt, Ian Kabra, Evan Tolliver, Jake and Atticus Rosenbloom, Jonah and Sinead: To stop the Vespers and find the hostages: succeeded despite Sinead switch sides twice.


  • Hamilton, Ian, the Rosenblooms, Jonah, Fiske, Nellie: To stop J. Rutherford Pierce: succeeded.
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