Appears In:Eiffel's Secret Card Combo

To get this Lucian Clue, you must unlock the Eiffel's Secret Card Combo.


The Lucian branch gave Gustave Eiffel 10,000,000 francs in order to make Lucian monuments around the world and secret

The Blood Symbol

compartments in them. The Lucians made the clue impossible to find by sending it back and forth between the Statue of Liberty in New York and the Eiffel Tower in Paris each decade. The Tomas made up "urban climbing" in order to gain access but, however, they failed.


The box screen monitored the Eiffel Tower, then zooms in to the tower. Then, next the box zooms in the top of it, revealing a vial of blood with the Lucian crest. The word 'BLOOD' appears.


The Imperial French Sign

the blood sign


Clue 35: Blood can be unlocked by completing the Eiffel's Secret card combo:

About Blood

Every animal has blood, which i
The 39 Clues Clue 3500:26

The 39 Clues Clue 35

Video of the Clue.

s vital for life, as it pumps oxygen through the body. The heart pumps blood, which goes through many blood vessels. Human blood is usually scarlet.
Blood in test tubes

Blood tumor cell-1-

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