Buchanan Holt
Age:51 (deceased)
Relationships:The Holt Family
First Appears In:The Black Book of Buried Secrets
Last Appears In:The Black Book of Buried Secrets

Buchanan Holt is Eisenhower Holt's father. He was born in 1931 and died in 1982.


Buchanan Holt was the rising star of the Tomas branch. He was a great athlete and a skilled Clue hunter. But the Ekat told the Tomas that he was a spy for them, and they claimed he was a traitor. He raised his only son, Eisenhower, all by himself due to his wife dying from an unknown cause.He was obsessed with turning Eisenhower into a top agent and Clue hunter because he wanted to make sure his son would not suffer the same fate he did.

He might be a Vesper. However, he's probably not one, because if he was, then he wouldn't be a Tomas top agent unless one of his parents was a Vesper and the other was a Cahill.Another theory is that Buchanan was a Tomas, and the Vespers stole the top secret files and gave them to the Ekats in order to cause discord within the branches.


Buchanan's son, Eisenhower might have been named after, or related to, Dwight E. Eisenhower, who was once a Tomas member.


  • He was a skilled athlete and Clue hunter.


Buchanan does not appear online.


  • If you look on the back of the card closely, you'll see a V shadow. This implies that Buchanan is a Vesper, and possibly could've actually been a traitor and a spy. It also suggests, however unlikely, that he might still be alive.


Buchanan's main card is Card 239.


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