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Card 102: The ClueCraft 3000

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Card 102: The ClueCraft3000
Top Secret:No
Where To Get This Card:Card Pack 2
Preceded By:Card 101: Cairo Hotel
Followed By:Card 103: The Ludwig Conspiracy

This card is available from Card Pack 2. Combined with it unlocks the Clue Bone.


"The Ekaterinas changed the world with inventions and creations like the steam engine, lightbulb, computer . . . and a boat that can navigate waterfalls?! Who needs that?! Sure, not every Ekat invention is practical. (They're still working out the kinks with the rocket skateboard. Who would've thought ground squirrels were so flammable?) But there might be more to Alistair Oh's ClueCraft 3000 project than meets the eye. Why else would a team of Ekat inventors have tested a prototype in Africa, on the famous Victoria Falls . . . in the middle of the night? Who were they hiding from? And, more important, what were they looking for?"



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