Card 106: Nikola Tesla
Top Secret:No
Where To Get This Card:In Too Deep
Preceded By:Card 105: HAHO
Followed By:Card 107: Irina Spasky


"Croatian-born inventor Nikola Tesla made huge contributions to science. He is especially famous for his work with electricity, the subject of his famous fight with fellow Ekat inventor Thomas Edison . However, some people believe that Tesla's research had something to do with a long-lost Ekaterina Clue. Were Tesla and Edison really arguing over the best way to transmit electricity, or was something even more important at stake? Was their rivalry responsible for the mysterious fire that destroyed Tesla's New York City lab in 1895? Or do the strange letters Tesla received in the middle of the night offer a better explanation? This card is part of a combination that unlocks a Clue!"


This card, combined with Card 107, Card 108, Card 109, Card 110, and Card 111, forms the Clue Water.

This card, combined with Card 81 Card 98, Card 100, and Card 119, forms the Clue Mercury.



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