Card 123: Reagan Holt
Top Secret:Yes
Where To Get This Card:Card Pack 2
Preceded By:Card 122: Mateo Sanchez
Followed By:Card 124: Thomas Cahill


"Wow. It looks like you really can't judge a book by its cover...or by its ridiculous purple tracksuit. Reagan Holt wants to be a ballerina?! She'd rather twirl around in a tutu than knock someone unconscious?! Who knew that Reagan was worried about fitting in with her family? It's hard to show your sensitive side around the Holts-- Eisenhower doesn't have much patience for feelings. Will Reagan continue to march in formation on the Clue hunt? Or will she learn to be true to herself, ballet slippers and all?

Top Secret

Reagan wants to be a ballerina, wow, who knew! But if she were, her family will think she became a softie. And while the rest of the family goes to knock out other Cahills she would have to stay in the car or something.



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