Card 173: Rosetta Stone
Top Secret:No
Where To Get This Card:Card Pack 3
Preceded By:Card 172: British Museum
Followed By:Card 174: Alistair Oh's Cane


"When Napoleon Bonaparte invaded Egypt in 1798, he surprised people by bringing scientists as well as soldiers. His researchers made one of the most important finds in history--the Rosetta Stone, the key to reading Egyptian hieroglyphs. However, the Rosetta Stone didn't stay in French possession for long. The British seized it during a fight with Napoleon's troops, and the stone ended up in the British museum. Cahill insiders suspect the soldiers were looking for an ancient object that, according to Cahill legend, contained a secret message from Katherine Cahill. Was it the Rosetta Stone? Or is the story simply a Cahill myth? Collect all the cards in this combination to unlock a Clue."


Question: According to Cahill legend, the writing on the Rosetta stone has something to do with an Ekaterina Clue. Can you find the important word hidden in the text?

Answer: Silver.

Level: 1


This card, combined with Card 170: T.E. Lawrence, Card 171: Egyptian Desert, Card 172: British Museum, and Card 180: Napoleon Bonaparte, forms the clue Silver .



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