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Card 177: Isabel Kabra

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Card 177: Isabel Kabra
Top Secret:No
Where To Get This Card:Card Pack 3
Preceded By:Card 176: Spy Penny
Followed By:Card 178: Ian Kabra


"Isabel Kabra has never been afraid of excess. In her mind, there's no such thing as too many clothes, too many poison rings...or too many custom-made ice sculptures. Isabel's philosophy extends to the Clue hunt as well. Why simply lock your opponents in a dungeon when you could also fill it with deadly snakes? The Clue hunt is filled with some pretty brutal players, but even the toughest Cahills are terrified of Isabel. She's been associated with several murders and doesn't show any signs of stopping. She's obsessed with finding the Clues and won't let anyone get in her way--not her rivals, her fellow Lucians, or even her children..."



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