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Card 178: Ian Kabra

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This card is available from Card Pack 3.

Card 178: Ian Kabra
Top Secret:No
Where To Get This Card:Card Pack 3
Preceded By:Card 177: Isabel Kabra
Followed By:Card 179: Andras Gergely


"At first glance, it looks like Ian Kabra has everything he needs to succeed on the Clue hunt: unlimited money, a private jet, and access to top secret Lucian intelligence. However, no matter how many Clues he finds, it's never enough to impress his mother, Isabel , who runs the Lucian branch with her husband . Ian is desperate to win Isabel's approval and will do whatever it takes--sabotage, treachery, kidnapping, etc. Ian just can not stop thinking about a rotten old orphan girl . But will Ian question his commitment when he sees how far Isabel is willing to go? His mother has already spilled blood on the Clue hunt. It's only a matter of time before she asks her son to do the same. . ."



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