Sir John Franklin was a superstar in the Tomas branch. The British Royal Navy officer led numerous


expeditions, including trips to explore the Arctic. When the Tomas needed someone for a dangerous top secret mission to the North Pole, Franklin was the obvious choice. In 1845, Franklin set sail along with 128 crew members, most of whom believed that the goal of the expedition was to find a new route to the Pacific Ocean. None of them were ever seen again. What happened to the lost Franklin expedition? And more important, did Franklin ever find what he was looking for?





Question: What is the secret message hidden in the poster?

Answer: The Clue is out there.

Level: 2


This card, combined with cards 147, 155, 186, 192, and 195, forms the Clue Magnesium.


Branch: Tomas

Type: Founder

Rarity: Uncommon

Preceded by: Card 189: Maleia Kalani

Followed by: Card 191: National Palace

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