Card 21: Lan Nguyen
Top Secret:Yes
Where To Get This Card:One False Note
Preceded By:Card 20: Racco Mansion
Followed By:Card 22: Rocketboard


"Sixteen-year-old painter Lan Nguyen has always known she is special. Isn't she the top graffiti artist in Melbourne, Australia? Hasn't she won best-dressed in school--with clothes she made herself--since Year 1? But Lan didn't know HOW special until she overheard her parents talking and learned she is a Cahill. Lan's parents are too wimpy to hunt for the 39 Clues, but that won't stop Lan. Her first stop is Agra, India, where she's heard some interesting rumors about a hidden Janus treasure. . . ."

Top Secret

A letter from Lan to her parents about that she starting her hunt after the 39 Clues and that she thinks she knows where one of the Janus Clues is.


This card, combined with Card 17, Card 18, Card 19, Card 20, and Card 22, forms the Clue Tungsten.

This card, combined with Card 8, Card 12, and Card 17, forms the Clue King Cobra Venom.



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