Card 258: Vesper's Armor
Top Secret:Unknown
Where To Get This Card:Vespers Rising
Preceded By:Card 257: Gideon's Ring
Followed By:Card 259: Vesper Transmission


"Damien Vesper has a passion for new technology, especially devices that allowed him to eliminate his rivals. His custom-made suit of armor was perfect for battle, duels, or tracking the children of his rival, Gideon Cahill. It has a plume of poison feathers and a removable breastplate that doubles as a mini-shield. There is a hidden compartment for storing secret documents and a spring-loaded dagger for fending off sneak attacks. It's even got retractable studs for fighting on ice. Today, Vesper agents prefer tools that are slightly easier to get through airport security, but Damien's armor is still a prized possession. Not only is it a symbol of Vesper power, it's useful for storing top secret Vesper documents--highly confidential information that must stay out of Cahill hands at all costs."


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