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Card 28: CERN
Top Secret:Yes
Where To Get This Card:Card Pack 1
Preceded By:Card 27: Loch Ness
Followed By:Card 29: Bermuda Triangle


"Really deep under the earth on the border of France and Switzerland lies a track 17 miles long--the world's largest particle collider. The collider is built by CERN, a scientific organization for nuclear research sponsored by 20 countries in Europe. But secretly, CERN is also an Ekaterina stronghold. Most of the research done at CERN is public, but there's also classified Ekaterina Clue research going on behind the scenes. And those 17 miles of tunnels? Let's just say they are a good place for hiding things."


Question: Type the password needed to enter this secret section of CERN.

Answer: "Password Is Dragon", or just simply "Dragon".

Level: 3

This is a unique puzzle because it technically has 2 possible answers. The password is dragon because the mascot of the Ekaterina Branch is a dragon.

Top secret

A picture of CERN from air and a letter to Mr. Oh (probably Bah Oh) from Dr. Ackah about a secret project that connected to the another branch's Clues.


This card unlocks the Clue Hydrogen.



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