Card 34: Alistair Oh
Top Secret:Yes
Where To Get This Card:The Sword Thief
Preceded By:Card 33: Samurai Saladin
Followed By:Card 35: Hope Diamond


"Alistair Oh entered Harvard University at the age 18 and was expelled at the age of 20, because he somehow managed to place the Dean of the Disciplinary Committee's convertible on the university's roof, though the Dean of the School of Engineering was most impressed. After this disgrace, Alistair turned to his cousin Grace Cahill, who took Alistair under her roof. He was rather enamored with her toddler,  Hope, which made what happened later "that much more....regrettable", according to Alistair.

Top Secret

A letter Alistair wrote to Grace when he was a young boy. It shows that he was living with his uncle , Bae Oh at the time, and that he feared and disliked him.

Dr34 alistair

The letter Alistair wrote to Grace when he was a young boy.


This card, combined with Card 33, Card 35, Card 36, Card 37, and Card 38, forms the Clue Gold.



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