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Card 36: Grace's Passport

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Card 36: Grace's Passport
Top Secret:Yes
Where To Get This Card:The Sword Thief
Preceded By:Card 35: Hope Diamond
Followed By:Card 37: Jean-Baptiste Tavernier


"The other branches long to get their hands on Grace's passports, even her expired ones. They're beaten up (crash landings will do that). They're faded (long treks across the desert are hard on paper.) They're fat (she got extra pages put in all the time). But they provide hints as to where in the world she went on her Clue hunt. Cambodia. Australia. France. Morocco. What was she looking for, and, more importantly, what did she find?"

Top Secret

A booklet of SpeedyJet Airlines with safety guidelines that decided because of the things that Grace Cahill did in the company flights.


This card, combined with Card 33, Card 34, Card 35, Card 37, and Card 38, forms the Clue Gold.



This card shows you some of the many places Grace has been.

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