"What are the Holts doing in the snowy Arctic? Why is Hamilton wrestling with polar bears over the last slice of


elk-meat pie? This is clearly no visit to Santa Claus. Luckily, the Holts like all kinds of sports--even polar bear wrestling. Hamilton deciphered a secret message which sent him on this mysterious quest. To view the message and find out what he's up to, click on the Top Secret tab."




Top Secret

An article about a Holt (Garfield Holt) winning a high school football game.

Secret Message

Using the Mead calendar, a message was found

Urgent Message

From: Tomas Headquarter

To: Holts

Find Clue in North Pole


Branch: Tomas

Type: Agent

Rarity: Common

Preceded by: Card 421: The Unreliable Uncle

Followed by: Card 423: The Hunted

Code: G69D4X4P9T

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