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Card 43: Bletchley Park

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Card 43: Bletchley Park
Top Secret:Yes
Where To Get This Card:Card Pack 1
Preceded By:Card 42: Ching Shih
Followed By:Card 44: Salem Witches


"Bletchley Park, or Station X, was the British estate where a crack team of code breakers assembled to decipher Nazi war messages during WWII. The brilliant minds at Bletchley Park did the unthinkable--they beat the Nazi's Enigma encoder, thought to produce unbreakable code. The information coming out of Bletchley Park was so secret that those involved stayed quiet about it for decades after the war ended. But if the war was over, why so much secrecy? Could it be that there was another kind of spying going on at Bletchley Park? That's right--this has got Lucian written all over it."

How to Acquire

You can get this card along with Card 39, Card 53, Card 56, and Card 66 using the code TRUSTNOONE.


The answer to the puzzle is "Ekats have Amber Room."

Level: 3



The back of the card

Top Secret

Files on various Bletchley Park workers.

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