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Card 53: Alcatraz

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Card 53: Alcatraz
Top Secret:Yes
Where To Get This Card:Code: TRUSTNOONE
Preceded By:Card 52: Annie Oakley
Followed By:Card 54: The Northern Race


"Alcatraz Island in San Francisco Bay has been the site of a lighthouse, a military fort, a maximum security prison, and now a state park. It's surrounded by deep, cold, shark-infested waters, making it hard to get to and harder to leave... Some look at Alcatraz and see a scary, forbidding place. Others look at it and see the perfect location to hide Clues."

Where to Acquire

You can find this card in Card Pack 1. You can also get this card along with Card 39, Card 43, and Card 66 using the code TRUSTNOONE.

Top Secret

It seems to be an advertisement for Alcatraz t-shirts. The website is named "Witty t-shirts for Boring People".

There are numbers on the page which decoded to say "LOOK UNDER THE..." followed by "lighthouse". This refers to the Tomas Clue, Wormwood.



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