Card 59: Young Grace
Top Secret:Yes
Where To Get This Card:Card Pack 1 and Default
Preceded By:Card 58: Navigation Sense
Followed By:Card 60: X-Ray


"Grace Cahill was never like other people--even when she was a kid. When she was 13, she started taking flying lessons. When she was 14, she convinced her father to buy her a small plane. When she was 15, she wrote to President Franklin D. Roosevelt and volunteered to fight in World War II. Grace was always off exploring somewhere and had little time for ordinary family and friends. Her favorite person was her baby brother, Fiske Cahill. She was heartbroken when he disappeared in 1962."

Top Secret

The Top Secret is two pages of a notebook written with a handwriting suspiciously like Grace (was it her?) about a trip to Vienna. It is written in a similar format to the diary.

Below the entries are two pictures: One of the grave of Mozart and the other of a map of Vienna drawn from a napkin taken from Cafe Frauenhuber.



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