Card 63: Ghost Ship
Top Secret:Yes
Where To Get This Card:Card Pack 1
Preceded By:Card 62: Klose's Notes
Followed By:Card 64: Mt. Rushmore

This card is a rare Madrigal card.


"In 1872, an American ship called the Mary Celeste was found under full sail heading toward the coast of Spain. The ship seemed undamaged but was empty. All 10 people aboard had disappeared. Some people thought the crew had drowned. Some people thought they had died of disease. Cahill insiders are sure of just one thing--the disappearance of the crew of the Mary Celeste was no accident. The only way to know what happened? Decode the secret message left on the sails of the ship."

Top Secret

A page similar to, about "What happened to the Marie Celeste?"


Question: What was the secret warning left behind on the ghost ship?

Answer: Beware the Madrigals

Level: 1


  • This card's theme is mentioned in the booklet of Card Pack 3, on the Janus map of Madrigal sightings.
  • Marie Celeste was known by the Janus. She had found abandoned evidence of Madrigal involvement near Spain.
  • It is currently unknown why the boat was called Mary Celeste if her actual name was Marie Celeste.



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