Card 71: Money
Top Secret:Yes
Where To Get This Card:Card Pack 1
Preceded By:Card 70: Money
Followed By:Card 72: Prestige


"Searching for Clues can be expensive. Especially when you search in the wrong places. In fact, some of the most world's most expensive projects have been undercover Clue hunts. So the next time you hear about a multimillion-dollar bridge being built that leads nowhere, or about the US government paying thousands of dollars for a jet plane that doesn't work, ask yourself--what's REALLY going on? There's often more than meets the eye."

Top Secret

A letter from William McIntyre to Grace Cahill stating the most expensive failed Clue hunts in history.

Examples include:

1. An Ekat robot sent into space to search for a Tomas clue rumoured to be there. Cost: about $100 billion. Results are unclear.

2. A 31.1-mile Lucian tunnel built under the English Channel. Finished in 1994. Cost: more than $20 billion. Its importance is unclear.

3. The Hoover Dam, which is a Tomas dam. Rumours are that Herbert Hoover had constructed the dam to search for a clue he thought was at the bottom of the Colorado River. Cost: more than $400 million.

4. Janus artist Damien Hirst created a life-size skull covered with some 8000 diamonds. A diamond on it seems to have a price of $4 million. Cost: $15 million. Its importance is also unclear.

The above costs are in today's dollars. 



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