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Card 96: Sombrero Alistair

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Card 96: Sombrero Alistair
Top Secret:Yes
Where To Get This Card:Card Pack 2
Preceded By:Card 95: Police Report
Followed By:Card 97: Yasmeen Badawi


"As the inventor of the microwavable burrito, Alistair Oh should get a little more respect. However, his uncle, Ekat leader Bae Oh, is always disappointed in Alistair. (Bae thinks Alistair should have spent more time looking for the Clues than for new burrito seasonings.) So it's a good thing Bae never figured out how much Alistair enjoyed being sent to spy on Hope Cahill and Arthur Trent. Sure, he snooped through a few drawers when they weren't looking, but Alistair mostly went to Boston to spend time with his favorite relatives. He had no idea how the May 15th visit was going to turn out. It went all wrong. Terribly, terribly wrong."

Top Secret



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