This card pack was released on August 30, 2011 and was the first to be released in the Cahills vs. Vespers series in conjunction with 'The Medusa Plot.'

Website Introduction

The 16 cards from this pack unlock a crucial mission — there's an artifact hidden in an ancient city, and you must find it before the Vespers do. The cards give you the gear you need, but it'll take more than gadgets to complete this mission. Only the bravest (and sneakiest) Cahills will have what it takes to save one of history's greatest treasures. Be sure you make it out in time—lives are riding on your success.


Card 302: Evan Tolliver
Card 303: Magnifying Glass
Card 304: Madrigal Helicopter
Card 305: Metal Detector
Card 306: Supercharged Magnet
Card 307: The Khan's Gift

Card 308: Venice

Card 309: Vesper Intercept
Card 310: Golden Paiza
Card 311: Bodleian Library
Card 312: Dave Speminer
Card 313: Guard Yak
Card 314: The Ancient City
Card 315: Treasure Chamber
Card 316: Madrigal Smartphone
Card 317: Armillary Sphere

Star Map

Main Article: The Star Map Puzzle

If you place the Cards in a certain order, it will reveal parts of a Star Map.



  • 307
  • 312
  • 304
  • 316
  • 308

Next Line

  • 305
  • 314
  • 313
  • 309
  • 303
  • 311
  • 317

Last Line

  • 315


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