Clover, one of the 39 Clues, is a Lucian Clue and ingredient for Gideon Cahill's "Master Serum". In order to get this Clue, you must complete Mission 4.

Appears In:Mission 4
Location:Fort Knox, United States of America


The Lucians convinced the government officials that the clue must be kept in Fort Knox, so the other Lucians wouldn't be suspicious. Clover is a weed-like plant. It is small and almost always has three leaves. Some clovers have four, and are widely considered to be lucky as quadruplicate clovers are rare. Clovers originated from Ireland, where Saint Patrick taught the locals about Christianity and used the clover to explain the idea of the three-in-one-yet-one-in-three idea of the Trinity: one leaf represented God, another symbolized Jesus Christ, and then the third was for the Holy Spirit. The fourth leaf was used to show God's Grace.

Card Combo

Both this combo and Mission 4: The Lucian Fort unlock Clover.

Card77 Card113 Card118 Card120

Four leaf clover

A Four Leaf Clover


Though the Clover symbol in the Clues Page has 3 leaves the one in the cut scene has 4.
The 39 Clues Clue 3400:28

The 39 Clues Clue 34

Five leaf clover

A Five Leaf Clover


The clover symbol

21 leaf clover

A 21 leaf clover

Cut Scene

The camera sees Fort Knox. Under the screen the words Fort Knox, KY and 6:43:15 appear. The camera zooms into the building. You see the Lucian vault open. The camera moves into it, and it searches first to the left, and then to the right. There is an orange pot with dirt in it. The camera zooms in, a four leaf clover grows out, and the camera zooms into the plant, with the screen growing black, and the word CLOVER appears.

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