The Doublecross Puzzle, also known as the Outcast Master Plan, is a picture of the ultimate plan of The Outcast and is obtainable through the codes in the Doublecross books. The last cards of the four books in the Doublecross series will complete the puzzle.



Number Name Front Back Where To Get Card Symbol
340 Titanic 340 titanic part4 F Doublecrossbackpuzzle1outof4 titanic Mission Titanic Water
346 Family Tree Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 10.52.13 Doublecrossbackpuzzle2outof4 hindenburg Mission Hindenburg Air
350 Aerial View
Mission Hurricane Earth
353 The Ring Leader
Mission Atomic Fire

Doublecross Card Puzzle

The order of the Doublecross Card Puzzle is:

346 353

350 340

The Complete Puzzle


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