Florence Nightingale
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Florence Nightingale hurrying for something very important.

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Nightingale's signature.

Florence Nightingale was a British woman who served as a nurse in the Crimean War. When she realized that more soldiers were dying from disease than from battle wounds, Nightingale developed a number of methods for improving hygiene. As a result, she saved countless lives and revolutionized the nursing profession. After earning Madrigal status, Nightingale became committed to the hunt, using her opportunities for travel to hunt Clues around Europe. She is mentioned in The Black Book of Buried Secrets.


Nightingale was a prodigious and versatile writer. In her lifetime much of her published work was concerned with spreading medical knowledge. Some of her tracts were written in simple English so they could easily be understood by those with poor literary skills. She also helped popularise the graphical presentation of statistical data. Much of her writing, including her extensive work on religion and mysticism, has only been published posthumously.
93px-Florence Nightingale - Project Gutenberg 13103

Young Florence Nightingale


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