Mr. Cahill
Relationships:Gideon Cahill, Mr. Cahill (Gideon's brother), Madeleine "the Matriarch" Cahill
First Appears In:N/A
Last Appears In:N/A
Gideon Cahill's father is Gideon Cahill and Gideon Cahill's brother's father. He lived in Milan, Ireland and was a true genius, according to Gideon Cahill.


Mr. Cahill's Globe

Mr. Cahill had a bronze astronomical globe. When he was in Italy, he sent it to his son Gideon Cahill's family. Later, in 1507, after Mr. Cahill died, Katherine Cahill, Gideon's daughter, was disassembling pieces of the globe. This globe might have even be an armillary sphere.


Once, Gideon Cahill came abroad to visit his dying father in Milan, years before 1507. On his deathbed, Mr. Cahill gave him a ring to keep.

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