Hae-In Oh
Age:69 (deceased)
Relationships:Henry Cahill (deceased),
Gordon Oh (deceased),
Bae Oh (in custody),
Alistair Oh (deceased)
First Appears In:None
Last Appears In:None

Hae-In Oh is Alistair Oh's grandmother and Bae Oh's mother.


Hae-In was born in 1880 and was the second wife of Henry Cahill. They had two children, Gordon and Bae. She died in 1940, five years after the birth of her grandson Alistair's birth.



Hae-In Oh is very nice but can get very mean. She also can lose her temper very easily and hates being called fat.


Red hair and very pretty. Nothing else known.


  • Very intelligent. Invented many things.


She is listed on the family tree on the back of Card 434.

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