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Jack Corelii


Relationships:Attleboro Police Department


First Appears In:The Medusa Plot
Last Appears In:The Medusa Plot

Card 269

Jack Corelli
is a member of Attleboro Police Department who drove Amy and Dan home after their bus was attacked by the Vespers. He once recorded a song that became a #1 hit in Russia . He used to be a suspect for Vesper Six: The Enforcer. He appears on both Card 266: Vesper Enforcer and Card 269: Detective Corelli.


The Medusa Plot

He arrives after the Vespers try to kidnap Amy and Dan and interviews them. After that, he takes them home and advises them to get themselves bodyguards. He also says that he "knows who Grace was".


  • Singing
  • Forensics
  • Combat
  • Explosives

He was also a suspect for Vesper One along with:

1. Dave Speminer A.K.A. Damien Vesper III

2. Vikram Kabra

3. Arthur Trent

4. Damien Vesper

5. Mark Rosenbloom

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