Appears In:Sandstone City Card Combo

Lily is Clue #39 and is a Madrigal Clue. To unlock this Clue, you just add the Card Pack 2 Ultra-Rare, The Sandstone City.


The Clue Lily was hidden in one of Jordan's monuments. For ages, the Cahill branches have traveled to the city of Petra to find the Clue, but no one had discovered it in the treasury except for Hope Cahill. It was her first Clue.


The screen appears on the valley. You go through it and arrived at Petra, Jordan. You look at it first, then we get inside, pass the Cahill crest on the ground, only found a lily plant shone by light. The word 'LILY' appears later, on the top right corner.

About Lily

Lily is a flower associated with purity. This may be because it is white.
2 White Lilies

2 White Lilies

Lily Flower (orange)

A Lily


The lily symbol

The 39 Clues Clue 3900:27

The 39 Clues Clue 39


A Water Lily

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