Milos Vanek
Relationships:Interpol (employer)

Luna Amato (formerly)

First Appears In:A King's Ransom
Last Appears In:Shatterproof

Milos Vanek is an Interpol agent. Not much is known about him, and he used to be one of the suspects for Vesper Five: The Spymaster. His job was tracking down Amy and Dan throughout the second series, with his partner Luna Amato, aka as Vesper Five.

He captured the children in The Dead Of Night but they later escaped with the help of Luna. He then confronted them again in the Pergamon Museum in Shatterproof, during which Amy and Dan managed to escape.

By the end of Shatterproof, he had ceased to be partners with Luna, as she tried to kill him but Erasmus saved him and died in the process. After that, Jonah killed Luna and with Hamilton's help got Milos out of the building before it blew up. His actions and whereabouts remains unknown after the events of Shatterproof

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