The Olympic Games are athletic games held every four years around the globe. Different countries around the world send athletes to compete in these games to win medals. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) decides the locations of the games.The IOC is made up of Tomas, who used the Games to look for Clues. For example, the 2008 Games in Beijing, China, was used to look for Janus emperor Puyi's Clue. The last Olympic Games were held in London, England in 2012, possibly to look for the Clue in the Lucian stronghold in London, which was Salt. The next games will be in Brazil in 2016.


  • You can see the Olympics symbol had five colors, it is also the colors of the crests of the five Cahill Branches. Tomas(Blue), Ekaterina(Yellow), Madrigal(Black), Janus(Green), Lucian(Red).
  • Also, in the Vespers Rising, Madeleine Cahill's mission is to unite the Cahills.The black color is in the middle, so maybe it means that Madeleine Cahill's mission is fulfilled.

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