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Patrick Carman
Authored:The Black Circle

Patrick Carman is one of the authors in writing the 39 Clues series.


Patrick Carman was born on February 27,1966 in Salem, Oregon. He gratuated from the Willamette University and he published his first book, The Dark Hills Divide, in 2003, and he is also occupied with film projects. Now he lives in Walla Walla with his wife Karen and two daughters, Reece and Sierra.

39 Clues Books

Other Famous Books

The Land of Elyon series

Atherton series

Elliot's Park series

Skeleton Creek Saga

Trackers Series

DARK EDEN series and Mobile App

3:15 Mobile App

Agent Card

Patrick Carman's Agent Card code on the 39 Clues official website is P29K3FCNXP. His alias is TriggerDragonfly1. He is a Lucian.

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