Pedro Gomez
Relationships:Nellie Gomez (daughter)
First Appears In:The Maze of Bones (mentioned)
Last Appears In:Storm Warning (mentioned)
Pedro Gomez is the father of Nellie Gomez. He is Mexican and has very high expectations for Nellie. He is also very stupid. He was mentioned a few times, and at first refuses to let Nellie go on the clue hunt with Amy and Dan. He was also the one to recommend flying lessons to Nellie. He seems to have a similar personality to Nellie, and asks her 'If you're anywhere near Thailand, will you bring me some hot sauce?' He was chased off the street once in America while trying to be employed as mentioned in The Viper's Nest. He also has a taste for bizarre foods like Nellie.


The Maze of Bones

He has an argument over the phone with Nellie in the Maze of Bones about accompanying Amy and Dan on the clue hunt.

In Too Deep

He sends an email to Nellie.

The Viper's Nest

He is mentioned to before to be chased off the street once in America while trying to be employed.

Storm Warning

It was revealed that Nellie's snake nose ring was passed down for centuries, until it came to Pédro, who gave the nose ring to Nellie.

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