Phoenix Wizard
Phoenix wizard
Age:12 (Series Two)
Relationships:Jonah Wizard (Cousin)

Unknown Father

Cora Wizard (Aunt)

Broderick Wizard (Uncle)

Leila Wizard (Mother)

First Appears In:Mission 11: Behind Enemy Lines
Last Appears In:Day of Doom

Phoenix Wizard is the cousin of Jonah Wizard and the nephew of Cora and Broderick Wizard.


Phoenix idolizes his cousin Jonah and tries to be just like him. Nevertheless, he thinks his rapping is "just talking, really. Bragging in time to a simple repeating beat." He doesn't think Jonah's raps are very creative. He seems to be a fan of classical music. Nellie describes him as "sweet" and "just a kid". Even though he tries to be like Jonah, he is very different from him. 


The Medusa Plot

He was kidnapped by the Vespers while at a Jonah Wizard concert, right from the nose of security. He was the last of the seven hostages to be captured ,because of his far distance, which was in Tokyo. When the Vespers shot Nellie Gomez in the shoulder, he appeared to be crying.

He is chosen by the other hostages to remove the bullet from Nellie Gomez's shoulder.

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Janus. Phoenix's branch


In Shatterproof, he is the only one of the hostages who escapes after falling of a steep ledge, into an turbulent river and surviving in the jungle.

Trust No One

Vesper One had given the Dan and Amy a text that read,"Heads for Phoenix, tails for Oh" Dan had been Camels head displayed in a butchers shop, when a wi-fi signal had created a crowd the top camel head was missing. In the book he is seen eating bugs in the wilderness to survive.

Day of Doom

After escaping from the vespers,he goes to a hotel in Washington DC where he asks for help from Ian,Jonah,Evan and Hamilton. Phoenix is captured by Cheyenne Wyoming (disguised as a waitress), along with Jonah, Ian, Hamilton and Evan. He later helps destroy the Machina Fini Mundi. At the end of the book, he is seen being taught a song by Jonah.


Mission 11: Behind Enemy Lines

He was mentioned in Mission 11.