To unlock this clue, you must unlock the Secrets of the Deep Card Combo.

Appears In:Secrets of the Deep Card Combo
Location:Mariana Trench, Pacific Ocean



The Quartz Symbol

The Tomas, as the athletic and adventurous branch, always makes their Clues extremely hard to reach. So, the Tomas hid it in the Mariana Trench, where the other branches wouldn't be able to easily get to.

Clue Key

The Clue Key on the cards of the Secrets of the Deep Card Combo contains a fish.

Card Combo

This Clue can be unlocked by completing the Secrets of the Deep Card Combo:

Card219 Card235 Card243


Quartz is an opaque semi-precious mineral. The chemical formula is SiO2.


Quartz Crystals


The cutscene shows the sky and then goes into the waters of the Mariana Trench. An anglerfish passes by and illuminates a rock that has the Tomas crest on it. The screen goes dark and the word "QUARTZ" appears.

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