This article is about the Senet Board that Amy and Dan received in Beyond the Grave. In the 4th. Book, Amy and

A modern Senet Board.

Dan get an idea to go the Citadal in Cairo, Egypt , and they go to the shop, Treasures of Egypt. They meet Sami Kamel, and he tells them that he's been expecting them for a long time. He gives them a special Senet Board, which Dan mistakes as a checkers board. The Senet Board is from Grace Cahill, their grandmother. On the side of the board, there is a combination lock, and Sami tells them only one password is accepted, and you can only try once. After some intense thinking, Amy and Dan figure out the answer to the lock, which is "SALADIN", the name of their cat. Inside of the board is a biology picture of a plant, and after some research, Amy and Dan find that it is the next Clue, Myrrh.

Senet jocul faraonilor (Saptamana Culturii 2010)

Senet board game.

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