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Shep Trent
Branch:Non-Cahill, possibly Vesper
Relationships:Arthur Trent, Amy Cahill, Dan Cahill
First Appears In:In Too Deep
Last Appears In:Into the Gauntlet (mentioned)

Shep Trent is the cousin of Arthur Trent, but Amy and Dan call him "uncle", even though he's their father's cousin.


Shep lives in Australia. He is a bush pilot. He is also a surfer and does not know about the 39 Clues unlike his cousin Arthur. However, his cousin Arthur was close with the Vespers. Therefore, Shep might be close with them, too. He could have lied to Amy and Dan when they visited. Growing up, he was close friends with Arthur, or "Artie" as he called him. Shep did not get the letter about Arthur and Hope's funeral until the day of the funeral which he was very depressed about.


Appearance and Personality

He loves surfing and wishes he was a better uncle to Dan and Amy. When he finds them with their au pair on his door step, he seems really surprised. His house is really messy because he's a self admitted pack-rat. Dan wishes that he could have been their official guardian, instead of Beatrice Cahill. He is the cousin of Arthur Trent and is probably a Vesper, although he has little to no interest in the Clues.

Plot Overview

In Too Deep

It is shown that Shep Trent had helped Amy and Dan Cahill travel around Australia like Hope and Arthur. He had always asked why is he doing this but Amy and Dan never gave the truth until later, when the truth is told, Shep Trent had not believed it. Last seen when Amy and Dan flew to Indonesia. He was supposed to fly them there, but Irina got rid of him and made him get arrested by posing as the grandmother of Dan and Amy.


  • Surfboarding
  • Flying a plane

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