Teodora Kosara
Card 169
Relationships:Ana Kosara
First Appears In:Rapid Fire 5
Last Appears In:Rapid Fire 5
Teodora Kosara is an Ekaterina, like her relative, Ana Kosara. Like Ana, she has ties to the Vespers. On the back of her card, she seems to be a troublemaker. She resides in Bulgaria.

Black Book of Buried Secrets

"Growing up in Bulgaria, Teodora didn't have access to the same resources as young agents in real Ekat hot spots around the world. However that didn't stop her from devoting herself from the Clue hunt, using every opportunity to conduct research and follow leads. While on a class trip to London, she sneaked off to explore the Tower of London, a known Lucian stronghold. Teodora was obsessed with the 39 Clues but her allegiance with the Ekaterina is questionable. She has ties with the Vespers--the only other group in the world who knows about the Clues."

Rapid Fire 5

Teodora was Amy's skydiving teacher. She tried to trap Amy in the airplane with a gun asking "Where is the ring?" Teodora shot when Amy escaped, missing her.

Her card is Card 169.

Is It Possible that Theodora Kosara (and Ana Kosara) is Another Disguise by Cheyenne Wyoming? Turbulence seems to suggest it.


A discipline report from Teodora's school

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