The Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle is used as an Ekaterina stronghold. It was mentioned in Beyond the Grave by Alistair that there was an Ekaterina stronghold there. Uranium is a known Clue that was hidden there. It is the perfect place to hide the Clue because it is a very far away place and has many scary rumors, because of the disappearing ships and planes that never come back due to the  stronghold's extremely high-tech security system. It is also mentioned that the Ekaterinas keep other branches out of their strongholds by sinking their ships and planes--the explanation for why so many vehicles are destroyed there. For Non-Cahills this placed is believed to be cursed and have an electromagnetic field.


The Bermuda Triangle is featured on Card 211: Bermuda Stronghold.

Card 29: Bermuda Triangle features a sinking Lucian ship in the Bermuda Triangle, which uses flags to code the message "Ekats got us."


Card 29 features the Bermuda Triangle.


The Ekaterina stronghold in the Bermuda Triangle


Bermuda Triangle

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