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The Cahill Files

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Cahill Files
Author:Clifford Riley
Publication Date:2012 - 2013
Pages:Varies by book
Setting:Various settings
Preceded By:None
Followed By:None

The Cahill Files is a series of two books and 4 e-books. Clifford Riley is the author of all the books.

Books and E-books

  • E-book 1. The Submarine Job (June 5, 2012)
    • Book 1: Operation Trinity
    • E-book 1: The Submarine Job
    • E-book 2: The Redcoat Chase
    • E-book 3: The Houdini Escape
    • E-book 4: Silent Night
    • Book 2: Spymasters
    E-book 2. The Redcoat Chase (July 3, 2012) 

'Warning' Letter by Clifford Riley

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