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The Holt Family is a family of five (six, including Arnold, the family pet, who is a pitbull) who joined the 39 Clues Hunt. They're known to be buff, strong, not very bright (in some cases), and speedy. Eisenhower seems to be the leader.

The Holt family is one of the nine teams to accept the challenge from the will of Grace Cahill in 'The Maze of Bones' and joined the search for the 39 Clues. They are the only Tomas team, and are usually shown as brawny with little brains and big muscles. However, Hamilton is revealed to have a talent for working with computers, especially hacking. In the beginning, they all fought together as a family, but later on in the books, Hamilton started to make his own decisions and made an alliance with Amy and Dan Cahill. They were the first ones to access the island.

Later, after the Clue Hunt, it is revealed in The Black Book Of Buried Secrets  that Hamilton and his family enter the Mt. Fuji, Tomas stronghold despite their outcast reputation. Working for the Madrigals now, they overpower Ivan Kleister's taunts and commands and begin to tell the other fellow Tomas in the stronghold about how making the Cahill family united again was the number one priority and how the Clue Hunt has been poisoning the family for generations.

They are very strong and talented in physical activities.

Family Members

Clue Known to Have

In Into the Gauntlet, it is confirmed that they had 11 Clues. However, there are seven Clues that they are confirmed to have found in the first nine books and one Clue that they found in

The Holt siblings

Book 10:
  • 0.25 ounces of zinc - found at the time of Book 6
  • 0.25 ounces of bone - found at the time of Book 9.


  • Japanese manga of The Holt Family
  • Arnold, the Holts pitbull, also considered a sixth member of their family
  • Card 145, Eisenhower Holt's agent card
  • Buchanan Holt, Eisenhower Holt's faher
  • Hamilton on the cover of Rapid Fire 2, Ignition
  • Hamilton Holt's agent card
  • The Holt Kids in white t-shirts
  • The Holt Kids in purple tracksuits
  • Madison Holt playing soccer
  • Mary-Todd Holt
  • Reagan Holt
  • The Holt Kids in purple tracksuits
  • Card 90, Hamilton s card in The Black Circle
  • Card 223, Hamilton's card in Into the Gauntlet
  • Card 187, Madison's card
  • Card 123, Reagan's card


All of the Holts are named after famous politicians.

NOTE: Mary-Todd Holt is the only one to be named after the first name of one of the figures, and is also named after the lone female, Mary-Todd Lincoln.

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