The Jefferson Puzzle, also known as the Cahill Fire Painting, is a picture of the Cahill Fire and is obtainable via the cards in the books. Each book has a Jefferson Puzzle Piece on the back of one of the cards and when all ten cards from all ten books are arranged in the correct order they make a picture of the Cahill Fire .


  • At the bottom of the Sakhet in the bushes there is a signed name spelled Kylob. Other than that it is believed that Fiske Cahill made it because of the initials on one puzzle piece.
  • The name of the Jefferson Puzzle was coined by the fact that the first piece of the puzzle from 'The Maze of Bones' has a front of the plan of the Jefferson Memorial. Thus the puzzle earned the nickname the 'Jefferson Puzzle.'
  • the man in red is Luke Cahill, the girl in Green is Jane, the man in blue is Thomas, the girl in yellow is Katherine, the woman in gray is Olivia, and in the visible inside of the house, you can see Gideon. In the top right corner, there is a man shrouded in black. That is Damien Vesper I
  • It is possible that this painting is a combination of many different parts. The entire card 6, a man in black stands in a graveyard, much like the Man in Black (Fiske) who watched as Grace's mansion burned. THis theory can be supported by its connecting card. In card 19, The silhouette of 3 forms are running through the smoke, Amy leading the way, followed by Dan and Saladin, running from Grace's burning mansion. Finally, in card 220, you can see the silhouette of Grace's plane.
  • It is very possible that each of the 39 clues is hidden within the painting=== Honey; Hydrogen; Silver Pepper; Mercury-Card 165: The red book has the alchemy symbol; Wormwood; Barley; Quartz; Cobra Venom-Card 165: The curved flask in the bottom-left corner. Turn the card to see the black form become a snake head with 2 drops of venom in it's mouth; Magnesium; Uranium; Water; Phosphorus-Card 78: The book in Katherine's hand has the alchemy symbol; Copper; Vinegar; Gold-Card 211: The blue book has the alchemy symbol; Iodine; Iron Solute-Card 33: Represented by the lightning (book 1); Liquid Silk; Myrrh; Mace; Bone; Rosemary; Aloe; Sulfur; Calcium Carbonate; Salt; Tungsten; Lead-Card 111: The purple book has the alchemy symbol; Cocoa; Serum Formula; Zinc; Pearl-Card 165: The big white orb; Clover; Blood; Platinum; Melted Amber; Mint; Lily
Number Name Front Back Where To Get
6 Card 6: Thomas Jefferson Card6 Card6b The Maze of Bones
19 Card 19: Monument Valley Card19 Card19b One False Note
33 Card 33: Samurai Saladin Card33 Card33b The Sword Thief
78 Card 78: Sakhet Card78 Card78b Beyond the Grave
91 Card 91: Kremlin Surveillance Card91 Card91b The Black Circle
111 Card 111: Anak Krakatau Card111 Card111b In Too Deep
149 Card 149: Prison Number 4 Card149 Card149b The Viper's Nest
165 Card 165: The Nudelmans Card165 Card165b The Emperor's Code
211 Card 211: Bermuda Stronghold Card211 Card211b Storm Warning
220 Card 220: The Last Chance Card220 Card220b Into the Gauntlet

The full Cahill Fire Painting

The Jefferson puzzle

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