The Spasky Family lived in St. Petersburg, Russia, and were members of the Lucian Branch. Nikolai Spasky died before the hunt from an illness and Nikilovana from murder. Isabel and Vikram killed Nikilovana to be leaders of the Lucian branch. Irina Spasky formed one of the individual teams in the race for The 39 Clues. Irina Spasky also died in  saving Amy and Dan from a fire in Book 6 that Isabel Kabra set but framed on Alistair Oh. Nikolai Spasky was Irina's only and most treasured son. He died from a disease when Isabel called Irina for a mission and would not let her stay. Irina's neighbor watched Nikolai for her. Isabel did not let Irina stay in contact with the neighbor and Nikolai's doctor, who were calling, saying Nikolai was going to die soon. Nikolai was very young and Irina thought it was her duty to protect Amy and Dan for Nikolai's sake. She has a good soul but was pulled into the depths of evil. She died a faithful death. Irina Spasky was recruited as an agent at age 16 at the KGB and was its youngest agent.She attended Oxford University with Vikram and Isabel Kabra. She belongs to the Lucian Branch.



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