Appears In:The Black Book of Buried Secrets and Into the Gauntlet


Thyme is a fake Clue that was mentioned in the Black Book of Buried Secrets and Into The Gauntlet. It was unknown whether or not it was a Clue, but once all of the Clues were out, it was shown that Thyme is in fact a false Clue.

Into The Gauntlet

In the scene in the gauntlet, Hamilton tells Isabel that Thyme is a Clue, instead of Rosemary, along with Tin, instead of Zinc. However, Isabel already knew about Rosemary and Zinc.

In The Black Book of Buried Secrets

The Black Book of Buried Secrets says on page 26 about Shakespeare that he hid some Clues in his plays, "...but quite a few have been uncovered, including Thyme, Clover, Bone, Rosemary, and Blood."


Much controversy has surrounded this so-called "Pseudo Clue". It was revealed in the Black Book of Buried Secrets that Madrigal Agent Shakespeare hid many Clues in his plays, one of which included Thyme. But when the full table of the Clues were given to the public, Thyme wasn't on it.

Possible Reasons

The author (her name is Mallory Kass, I feel obliged to write this as she is not shown as the author on the book and is only shown as the other on the copyright page) of the Black Book simply messed-up. They could have meant to say Rosemary, as Thyme and Rosemary often have the same taste and effect on things. This could be controversial given that Rosemary was already on the list. The authors have messed up in small things too, such as how Luke supposedly left before Jane and then she left (written in The Black Book) and in Vespers Rising, Olivia asks Katherine to check if they have gone, and she comes back saying that they took a boat, as in one boat. Shakespeare was mistaken; he might have thought that Thyme was a Clue, but in fact he was wrong as it isn't a Clue.

This controversial section is located in the "Madrigal" section of the Black Book. Perhaps the Madrigals sabotaged the contents in order to confuse and lead off Cahills that still might want to get the Master Serum? It is possible, and it is also possible that it is a Clue to fully complete the serum since when Gideon took the serum, it was killing him. However, it is thought by most that the Madrigal Serum, or "uniting" ingredients are what makes the serum safe, and that Gideon hadn't added them to the serum at the time of his death. We may never know...

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