Before he died, Gideon Cahill left nine Clues to his youngest son, Thomas. These nine clues combined make the Tomas Serum. The Tomas Serum gives the drinker the abilites of the Tomas Branch of Cahills. These abilites include: athletics, brawn, navigation, and strength.The Tomas Clues are: Wormwood, Quartz, Magnesium, Gold, Bone, Aloe, Lead, Cocoa, and Zinc.

Ice Cube

By the North Pole.

The Clues

Wormwood was mentioned in Into The Gauntlet when Isabel Kabra forced Hamilton to give her his Clues. The Tomas hid it on Alcatraz Island.

Quartz was not mentioned in the books. Because of their love of extreme places, the Tomas hid this Clue at the bottom of the Mariana Trench.

Magnesium was not mentioned in the books. Tomas agent Sir John Franklin hid this Clue in the North Pole. Unfortunately, Sir John and his crew tragically lost their lives after they hid the Clue.

Gold was the first Tomas Clue mentioned in the books, in book 3, The Sword Thief. Ian and Natalie Kabra as well as Amy, Dan and Alistair Oh have this Clue. They found it in a South Korean cave.

Bone was also not mentioned in the books. David Livingstone hid it at Victoria Falls. Alistair Oh tried to find this Clue but he failed.

Aloe was mentioned in the book The Viper's Nest. Dan and Amy found it at the Tomas stronghold in South Africa. It was originally hidden by Winston Churchill. It is also called umlahba. The lucians think it is diamond.

Lead was not mentioned in the books. This Clue was hidden by Simon Bolivar in his tomb in Venezuela.

Cocoa was not mentioned in the books. The Tomas hid it in the city of Machu Picchu in Peru.

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