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General policy
Editing policy
Manual of Style
Neutral point of view
No personal attacks

This is the official policy page for the 39 Clues Wiki. It will grow as problems arise, but it is hoped that most issues may never need addressing.

The first commandment of the wiki, implicitly agreed upon by generations of wiki editors, and from which stem most of the policies stated herein, such as spelling conventions and in-universe points of view, is:

The Authors' Word is Law.

The precedence of content is as such (this determines what piece of info to use in case there are conflicting viewpoints from different books/cards/author interviews etc.)

  1. Main Books- anything stated in the actual books are given precedence over everything else. These include Series One Books, Vespers Rising, and Cahills vs.Vespers, and Unstoppable Books .
  2. Secondary books- all the secondary books- (eg The Guides, the Vault series, anything like that) take secondary precedence after the Main books
  3. Missions- the missions are given the third level of prencedence after the bookthe missions are given the third level of precedence after the books.
  4. Cards- the cards are given the fourth level of precedence after the books.
  5. Author statements- the author statements are given the last level of precendence because anything that they state may NOT occur

When dealing with conflicts in the storyline: Determine which conflicted view has the highest priority, add that the main section of the article, and describe the conflicting viewpoints in the trivia section of an article.


First and foremost, the 39 Clues Wiki is exactly that - a wiki, or an editable online encyclopedia on the 39 Clues. We host information, facts, images, and official theories related to 39 Clues on this site, as well as discussions about the material presented here. We do not entertain any fan fiction, images, or ramblings (collectively "fanonsense"), advertisements, spam, or articles not directly associated with the 39 Clues universe. You may talk about mostly anything which you like on your blogs or userspace Just remember that this wiki is not a social networking site.

All the media on this wiki (i.e. videos, images, music) must be in the public domain; unless you have obtained permission to use them publicly, copyrighted files will be removed, no matter how beautifully shot. Quotes, facts, and figures may be taken from anywhere however. All written content must be put in your own words.

Any users or editors who repeatedly refuse to follow these rules may be banned at the discretion of any administrator, and their contributions removed.


If you see an act of vandalism, please revert the page to its original state and tell an administrator. Severe vandalism will result in blocks from administrators.


Due to misinterpretation of categories in the past, this is emphasized here and in the Manual of Style. Remember, ALWAYS use common sense.

What is a good category

Good categories include, but are not limited to:

  • Groups of People (eg: Cahills, Ekats, Starlings, Vespers)
  • Books/Series (eg: The Maze of Bones, Series One)
  • Groups of Cards: Eg (Vesper Cards, Ekat Cards, Replicators (only individual card category allowed) and the Card Packs)
  • Meta-categories (Authors, books, Characters, Cards, Card Packs, Cahill Web)
  • Deceased
  • Missions

What is a bad category

  • Card Combos or individual cards
  • Deceased
  • No categories for specific people

There are more examples not stated. If in doubt, don't create a category for it. Instead, talk to one of the admins.



For Characters:
Appearances in books should always be in the past tense and those describing the characters should be in the present.
For Books:
Very, very open but use common sense. The date of release must be in the past.
For Cards:
The description must be word for word from the card. Use common sense for the rest.
The Rest:
As a rule of thumb, past but USE COMMON SENSE!


All names, places and other in universe objects will be spelled according to their spelling in the book and no other way . Please correct any mistakes you see.

Naming of articles

Article naming of a character or person will, wherever possible, abide by the following conditions:

  • An article's title should contain the common name
    • For example: Use Dan Cahill instead of Daniel Cahill or Daniel Arthur Cahill
  • An article's title should contain the last name used throughout the The 39 Clues, regardless of marriage.
  • Titles (as in ways to describe that person) are not to be used in an article's title
    • Titles include: Mr., Mrs. (and derivatives)
    • For example: Use Bae Oh's father instead of Mr. Oh
    • Exceptions for this are when the title is part of their actual name (i.e. Vesper One) or when the person in question is royalty (i.e. Queen Elizabeth II).


The 39 Clues Wiki is not an ordinary fansite, it is an encyclopedia. Please give your best efforts in writing, and if you find a typo, grammatical or factual error in an article, be bold and correct it!

Layout guide

The Manual of Style should be followed wherever possible in order to give the 39 Clues Wiki a more professional and encyclopedic view on content. Though this layout is not compulsory, its usage will definitely raise the quality of lesser or poorly-written articles, and the wiki in general. A must read before making major rewrites or starting new articles.

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