July: Fiske Cahill

This month, it's Fiske Cahill!

Swordcross: How did you find this wiki?

Fiske Cahill: I forgot because it was so long ago

SC: Why are you named what you are?

FC: Before there was a user named Dan Cahill so I thought of another cool name of a character then I found Fiske, so that pretty much how it happened.

SC: What branch are you?

FC: Lucian-Madrigal

SC: Who is your favorite character?

FC: Dan Cahill

SC: What is your favorite 39 Clues book?

FC: Vespers Rising

SC: Who is your least favorite character?

FC: Cora Wizard

SC: What is your least favorite book?

FC: The Sword Thief

SC: Have you created any pages? If so, which one is your favorite?

FC: I think it's Mission 11: Behind Enemy Lines

SC: What to do plan to do for the future of the wiki?

FC: Just edit like there's no tomorrow (which is going to be hard now that summer is over)

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