The win history for New 39 Clues Wiki Teams. Most team with points in 12 weeks gets a badge for all members. The winner gets points for there teams.

Lucian Spies

Week of 2/20 Chrocky got the Code word Bianca right. 30 points earned.

Week of 2/27 Chrocky got the Code page Card 71 Money right. 45 points earned.

week of 3/13 Chrocky got the Code wiki 39 Clues Idea wiki right. 15 points earned.

week of 3/20 SMOSHMAN got wiki team badges right. 30 points earned.

Week of 4/3 Chrocky got Tiny Tim correct. 120 points earned. (Double week and got on first day.)

The Cahill Winners

Week of 3/6 The Awesome X got Eisenhower Holt right. 30 points earned.

Week of 3/27 Rocketslug got Locations right. 25 points earned.

Week of 4/10 Rocketslug got Card 414=Arnold right. 40 points earned.

Week of 4/17 Awesome X got Featured user correct. 25 points earned.

Week of 5/1 Fiske Cahiil got Atomic Agent correct. 55 points earned.

Janus Popstars

No wins yet

Mysterious Madrigals

Week of 4/24 VictoriaG98 got Branch pages and 39 Clues right. 40 points earned.

Ekat Scientists

No wins yet

Tough Tomas

No wins yet.

The Vesper Team

No wins yet.

The Awesome Admins

Week of 5/8 No body got Happyaqua Wiki Team Winner. 75 points stolen.

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