William McIntyre
Age:49 (Series One)

51 (Series Two, deceased)

Relationships:Winfred Cahill Green, Edward Bernard McIntyre
First Appears In:The Maze of Bones
Last Appears In:A King's Ransom

William James Mclntyre is Grace Cahill's and Mark Rosenbloom's lawyer. He is the executor of Grace's will and officially started the hunt for the 39 Clues. He is a Madrigal. He dies in the book A King's Ransom, and was killed by an impostor dressed as a waiter. Being the Rosenblooms's lawyer, he knew 'Dave Speminer', who came to work for the Rosenblooms. Dave Speminer was revealed to be Damien Vesper III, and was also known as Vesper One.


He was born on May 5, 1959. He had a dog named Oliver. He is believed to be the possible leader of the Madrigals. He was a former Navy SEAL and was chosen to be Grace's lawyer because she wanted someone who could bust her out of prison and make her a contract.


Appearance and Personality

William McIntyre was a tall, craggy man. He is bald and has a pointed nose. He reminded Dan of a vulture at Grace's funeral. He is the associate of the Man in Black, Fiske Cahill, who followed Amy and Dan during the First Series Books. He once put a tracker under Saladin's collar so he could keep track of Amy and Dan. He is definitely not an animal person (as shown in The Maze of Bones), but once had a dog named Oliver. William was killed by an impostor dressed as a waiter.


The Maze of Bones

William first appears as Grace's lawyer talking to her about the will. He is unsure she should start the hunt but agrees to doing it. He then tells the Cahills they have a choice of one Clue or one million dollars. He tells them everyone in the room is a Cahill and Natalie Kabra asks if he is, which makes him obviously embarrassed. He responds that that is out of the question. At that moment seven teams are formed. He then tells Dan and Amy to, "Beware the Madrigals". Then the Holts set Grace's mansion on fire and he is knocked unconscious. Luckily, Dan and Amy found him and called the hospital. After recovering he sees the Starlings unconscious and Dan and Amy are scared. They tell him they want to quit but he says that is too dangerous. They a

William McIntyre

sk him to take care of Saladin (their cat) and he gives them Saladin back, but with a tracker on him.

One False Note

Saladin keeps on scratching himself so Nellie takes him to a doctor. After Amy and Dan return from the Salzburg cave, Nellie shows them the tracking device. Amy and Dan take the tracking device and planted it on Alistair. They also take some important looking papers. In the end of the book Alistair is yelling at William because he suspected William stole the Clue that he had.

The Black Circle

William McIntyre was not seen in this book, but in the Lucian Archives on the Cahill Web, an intercepted letter from William is seen. It seemed to have taken place after the events Amy and Dan faced in the Amber Room.

From: William McIntyre

To: F

I heard about what happened in the Amber Room. It might give us an advantage if the children trust you rather than fear you. Even after all they’ve witnessed, it is not in Amy and Dan’s nature to think ill of people. It makes them very vulnerable.

The children found those Australian passports Hope and Arthur used. They’re en route to Australia now. I fear what Amy and Dan discover there may turn them from the path we need them to follow. We must do whatever possible to hide the truth about their parents.

I will continue to keep you updated. Please e-mail me so I know that you’re alive, and not rotting away in some Lucian dungeon.

- William

Into the Gauntlet

He was there in a small dark room with Fiske Cahill, listening to each and every word Amy, Dan and Nellie said.

He was found by Isabel Kabra , and tied to a tombstone.

The Black Book of Buried Secrets

It is revealed that in The Black Book of Buried Secrets, he was responsible for the fake passports and for opening the Visa Gold card that Dan had in the locker in the book The Black Circle, ever since Dan Cahill found out, he's been bugging William for another.

The Medusa Plot

He is at Grace's manion after the bus incedient and tells them what is happening. He also drives them to the airport and stops Evan from calling the police when the DeOssie factory blows up.  

A King's Ransom

He was seen talking to Amy and Dan. In the end of the book, he does some research and figures out that Amy and Dan are in more danger than they thought. A staff impostor comes into his room and poses as a waiter. McIntyre recognizes him and exclaims "It's you!". One plunges a syringe into his neck and kills him. The information he discovered was a list of locations including Pompeii which was mention in Grace's notes in The Medusa Plot as the first test. Jake Rosenbloom later found out in Trust No One that each location as it turns out were subduction zones, where volcanic eurptions and earthquakes occur often. Pompeii was the first test so that means it was the "first" out of multiple tests. Each location may have been part of this, because they are all connected with the volcanic eruptions or earthquakes otherwise there is no other connection between these places. Erasmus enters William's hotel room and, after a moment, begins to cry over William's corpse.

Nowhere to Run

He has a funeral in this book. However, his funeral is interrupted by Founders Media, because they want to kill Amy and Dan.


  • He is seen on Mission 0 helping you start on the Clue hunt. He was also a suspect for Vesper Six but was proven not to be.

    William McIntyre in Mission 0.


William's birth certificate is shown at Card 137. It was also revealed on the Agent Handbook in the books and below.


  • The password to his Blackberry is "OLIVER", after his dog.
  • He has 6 toes on his right foot, visible on Card 137: William's Heritage.
  • He prefers being called "Mac".
  • He is allergic to shrimp.
  • He had just found out some information about the Vespers before he was killed.
  • He sent Nellie coded emails under the alias "clashgrrl" 
  • He first did not approve of Hope's relationship with Arthur, suggesting they strip Hope of her Madrigal status, which Grace does not agree on in Card 334.
  • He used to have a dog named Oliver, implying that he may be a pet person. However, in The Maze of Bones, the Cahill kids give him Saladin to take care of for a while, but he returned soon, saying that the cat kept scratching him. It could be that he hasn't a thing for cats.
  • Dan calls him Mac and Cheese

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